Contributing Authors


The current issue’s main topic is »The Erotics of Fruit«, contributors are:


Dr. Norbert Autenrieth (Germany): Folklorist, author and poet. Writes in standard

German and, especially, Franconian dialect. Several poetry books, most recent: Der

Mensch ist ein gar seltsames Wesen, Iatros Sonnefeld 2017 and Norbert Martin: Morgenstern

und Abendroth, Iatros Sonnefeld 2019.


Reanato Sandoval Bacigalupo (Peru): Poet, scholar, and literary translator.
Writes in Spanish and German. He has translated of works by C. Pavese, S. Quasimodo, A. Tabucchi, A. Daniel, L. Tieck, R.M. Rilke, F. Kafka,
E. Södergran, and S. Plath, to name a few. He has published 10 poetry books.
Most recent: Poesía en Un otono[1] azul. Cuevo Editores – Allianza Francesca de Arequipa, Peru 2018


Kai Bleifuß (Germany): Author. Writes in German. Has won several literary prizes

and stipends. Has published several novels and short stories. Most recent: Träumen

im Steilhang. Geschichten in Bildern, Freiburg i. Br., Germany 2019.


Alessandra Brisotto (Italy): Author, artist, translator (Italian, German, French),

language teacher of Italian and German.

Several volumes of poetry.

Most recent: e_and: Poems (Italian-German), perpetuum publishing 2014


Amadé Esperer (Germany): Multilingual poet, essayist, literary translator and editor.

Founder of the multilingual literature and art magazine ARIEL. For further information see HOME.


Gerhard Falkner (Germany): Poet, novelist, playwright and literary translator. PEN

member of Germany. He Writes in German and has garnered several prizes and awards,

among them the prestigious Peter-Huchel-Prize. His metapoetics volume “Über den

Unwert des Gedichts. Fragmente und Reflexionen “(Aufbau, Berlin 1993) significantly impacted

contemporary German lyrical poetry. Falkner has published two novels, several

plays and 12 poetry books. Most recent: Schorfheide, Suhrkamp, Berlin, Germany 2019.


Carole Fréchette (Canada): Poet. Writes in French. Most recent: 10 ans de paroles.

Anthology, Les Editions Vents d’Ouest, Gatineau, Canada 2018.


Gerhard Goldmann (Germany): Environmental scientist, author and poet. Writes

in German, English, French. Most recent: Kiesel rot-weiß. Merk-Würdiges und Ergötzliches

aus Thüringen und Franken. Iatros, Sonnefeld, Germany 2019.


Yitzhak Laor (Israel): Famous Israeli poet, novelist, playwright and journalist. Writes

in Hebrew and English. He has garnered several prestigious prizes, such as the Amichai

prize and the prize of the Israeli Prime Minister, although he had heavily criticized

Israeli right-wing politics. Has published many poetry books, most recent:

Auf dieser Erde, die in Schönheit gehüllt ist und Wörtern misstraut (Hebrew-German),

Matthes & Seitz, Berlin, Germany 2017.


Reinhard Lechner (Austria & Germany): Poet, literary translator (French), co-editor

of the Austrian literary journal Lichtungen. Writes in German. Two poetry books.

Most recent: Erzähl mir vom Mistral. Gedichte, edition keiper, Graz, Austria 2017.


Andrea Lenz (Germany): BA American Studies (Germany): Writes mainly English

autobiographical-fictional short stories and lyrics, which she used to perform vocally

herself. Apart from that translations of texts and poems.


Marcel Kemadjou Njanke (Cameroon): Poet and Novelist. He writes in Medumba,

French, English, and Camfranglish, a mixture of Cameroonese, English and French.

1994 winner of the young Central African poetry prize. He has published several novels

and poetry books, most recent: poto-poto blues, L’Harmattan, Paris, France 2003.


Franke Norman (Australia & New Zealand): Poet, film maker and literary scientist.
Writes in English and German. PEN member of New Zealand. 2018 finalist of the Aesthetica Literary-Contest (GB)
and of the Feldkircher LYrikpreis (AUT); 2019 Flash Frontier and Takahé


Hans van der Veen (The Netherlands): Teacher emeritus of German, poet, literary

translator, editor. Numerous poetry books. Most recent: Bevlogen jaren. Siebzehn

Gedichte von Willem Wilmink (German-Dutch), 2019, and Gelijk het gras, Schall und

Rauch. Zweiundzwanzig Gedichte niederländischer Dichter (German-Dutch), 2019.


discher Dichter (German-Dutch), 2019.

Contributing Artists

Amadeus (Germany): Art photographer & author. See Amadé Esperer.


Dorothea Emma Maria Göbel (Germany): Painter, graphic and industrial designer.

Numerous individual and group exhibitions both in Germany and abroad, most

recent: Wuerzburg Exhibition Hall Spitale. Has been awarded the First Prize Kunst am

Bau by the city of Schweinfurt.


Hartwig Kolb (Germany): Teacher emeritus of art, painter, art photographer. Multiple

exhibitions. Most recent: Art Gallery Spitale Wuerzburg.


Kerstin Römhild (Germany): Garment designer, photographer, painter. Numerous

national and international exhibitions, most recently in: Kunming, Yunnan Arts University

/ National museum (China) and Galerie VIEW, Nuremberg (Germany).


Anita Tschirwitz (Germany): Singer, musician, artist, poet. Cofounder of ARIEL, for further information see HOME


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