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Braving The Raving

Cogito ego, ergo sum

René Descartes



Braving the Raving


These proto-apocalyptical days lie idle,

unbridled like a crying baby in a cradle,

breathing in and breathing out

the hustle and bussle of the tussle of time,

shock-rocked in the arrhythmic swing

of news breaking lose in incursions invasions penetrations,

humming gumming news like sing along songs,

flooding the mind in ever sharper throngs,

frying dying lies, slicing all dice,

cramming the days with the clatters of ting-a-ling-a-ling




in the cradle of mulling and thinking it twice

I´m becoming all ears and all eyes,

braving the raving



copy right @ Amadé Esperer ~ ARIEL-ART 2022-02-22

Themis is watching

Themis is watching


Oracle say do not believe in ousouria

Oracle say it´s just okay, it´s smoke in the mirrors

Oracle say you´ll never know if ousia will be

whether Themis isn´t watching


new markets pop up

overnight, when the fight just has started

among droning doves, an early morning saw hawk

rise high


whole continents below lay bellowing, spread legs

watched bestmen abuse the brittle bride

while Pandora outside lost her beauty bag

no hope to ever recover the stuff