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Writers‘ Guidelines

Writers' Guidelines

ARIEL is a semi-annual multilingual journal of poetry and OptoArt (paintings, photographs, drawings). Ariel appears both online and in printed issues. We read submissions all year. You may submit as many times per year as you wish, but please wait for a response to your current submission prior to sending another.

Regarding texts you may submit up to 10 poems or 10 pages short prose per submission, preferably in a single file. Please submit texts as both docx and pdf files. Please note: Do compose a single doc-file containing your bilingual poems as follows:

poem 1_in_English



poem_2_ in_mother_tongue


poem_n_ in_English

poem_n_ in_,mother_tongue


Regarding OptoArt you may submit up to three pictures or photographs. They need to be submitted in the jpg format. Please send your submission(s) to office(at)
No fee is charged for submissions of texts. In the case of color pictures or photographs a fee of 5$ is charged per piece.

The copyright of both texts and optical art remains with the author and artist.
You may expect a prompt response, generally within 15 – 20 business days of receipt. We accept only email submissions.

There are no restrictions as to style or subject matter.

We are a writer-friendly review. Simultaneous submissions are just fine. You may rely on the aforementioned prompt response.

Nothing gives us more pleasure than to present a writer’s very first publication of poetry.
Each issue will feature poets from all around the world. Every text needs to be submitted in both the author’s mother tongue and English as well.

We are entirely open to publish multiple poems from a single poet. Be bold and uncensored.

For any questions, please email us at office(at)

Submission checklist

  • Submit up to 10 poems or up to 10 pages short prose for free.
  • Only email submissions will be read.
  • Simultaneous submissions are welcome.
  • You may submit as many times per year as you wish but please wait for your response before sending again.
  • Work submitted must be previously unpublished in print or online.
  • A short biography (max. 3 sentences) must be added indicating the most recent published work(s).
  • Cover letter with prior credits is useful but in no way required.
  • Poets and artists retain all rights to their work upon publication.