Lea Beckmann
(Germany, Ireland)



»Paroles – Words«





A volte sono… verwirrt

Ecco, I don’t know what to say

‘Cause tutto è così

Che non vuole uscire

Wie ich es will


Ich sage meinem mind

No, non ne ho bisogno

Das Andere

The one behind

Ma, non, non viene


Es ist keine Zeit für dich


It’ll be tocca a te

Aber al momento

Bisogna focus


Shut up, not you

Auch nicht –

Eccoti qua

Don’t dare to –

Nicht schon wieder


Nur einmal

Ein klarer Gedanke

Without this

Hin und her

Ma, no, perché


Sono le mie paroles



Sometimes I’m… confused

See, I don’t know what to say

‘Cause everything is so

That it doesn’t want to come out

As I want it


I tell my mind

No, I don’t need it

The other

The one behind

But, no it doesn’t come


It’s not the time for you


It’ll be your turn

But for now

I need to focus


Shut up, not you

Neither –

There you are

Don’t dare to –

Not again


Just once

A clear thought

Without this

Back and forth

But, no, because


These are my words