Ayo Ayoola-Amale (Nigeria)

Soundless Berry


Before she pressed her wild dusky eyes

the heightened sliced dust inside got out

stroked her brows unadorned, unarmed naked face

stripped to living ecstasy, her wisdoms open again and again

wakening and awakening, penetrating the ears

like gentle very fresh, cool sea water

before she hugged the light of the unreal

displayed like a freshly sharpened knife,

piercing, loud

truly, then the deep like a blade tore open her eyes,

wild, yawning monsters:

came out, raw, below hell, from the cluttered

further down debility of the decay

the first time, replanting her eyes

she saw a little ornament between her limbs, ripening

here the gentle unblemished shelter sat fresh


deep at the open, new and green

folding back her quiet door, wakes the

relaxed tree, sparkling with eternal warmth

passing on worlds,

Passing on worlds on the world

where worlds breathe

not perishing self, not worldly worth

not dry leaves,

painted with mud

Low down

Unbending, engendered soundless berry

flood with fog.

Wild Sages


I got up from sleep I knew not anything.

I knew not a wild weary soul at the soaring hill

of depths and centuries

my feet

humbly climbing its ladders of patterns

would see something no one sees

nor ever make known, and now I walk

wretched. Always.


My soul wistful yet again seeing

pessimism wipe the slate clean of

vanity, for infinite

a revolution, dawn unreal, tomorrow,

the moment, swiftly, presents me undressed.


Belief thy self, not strength, nor horses,

as they rise and retire yet again,

Such as one twinkling, fleeting,

impartial time wings comes,

die away, forever.


I adore coming days yet more

than the yesterday plans

a cowardly soul

frets about shadowy something I was waiting for.


One thing I see, with all my senses

i consume, i own and relish

breeds, louder my soul’s rhythm

now, the now, the now

the tomorrow.



A stream nurture a

huge shrub which showed signs splattered

over everything, choose in this place, a tribe, and this is the key;

this group shall bud not break,

Listen to smashed voices;

huge and quick;

crush, wound and keep their head,

for a complete funeral,

another sworn to certainty

housing their being; put on the world

for burning, here was smoke coming out

coming to understanding as water soak fire,

and of any knowing

of a knowing

resembling this puzzle.


Dr. Ayo Ayoola-Amale is a lawyer, educator, poet and peace activist. She is the founder and president of the “Splendors of Dawn Poetry Foundation” of Nigeria and Ghana. A poet and a committed poetry advocate; she visits schools advocating for poetry in the classroom and runs poetry workshops in many basic and tertiary institutions in both Nigeria and Ghana. Her aim is to employ poetry for positive social change. As a committed advocate of poetry in schools, she is convinced of the critical role that poetry plays as an important catalyst for learning, stimulating creativity. Thus, she strongly believes that poetry should be made a part of students‘ daily lives.